042524 200 What's on Mike's Mind

042524 230 Julie's Sport Desk

The Stars lost last night and are now down 0-2 against the Golden Knights. :( Today is NFL Draft day!! The Rangers are playing as we speak and it’s not going great! Max Scherzer is working his way back! Then we find out what day it is! 

042524 300 Jeff's Bucekt of Crap

There has been an air fryer recall! Jeff is shaming the rest of the crew about foot-washing! A little person has two hoo-hoos! Jeff previews the NFL Draft! 

042524 330 Dan McDowell pt 1

Dumb Zone podcast host Dan McDowell joins us for fun and revelry! 

042524 400 Dan McDowell pt 2

 Dan joins us for another segment and his cohost Jake Kemp calls in! Jeff does a banana botox! 

042524 430 Dan McDowell pt 3

 Dan brings us extended audio of the OJ Simpson call-in show! 

042524 500 FUNDRIVE

It’s time for Grubes Grenades, baby!!! 

042524 530 Sunset Lounge

Are there any surprises in store during tonight’s NFL Draft? Kevin Turner joins us for the last half of the segment to preview the picks!

042424 200 What's on Mike's Mind

Jeff got to the station one minute before we hit the air due to a major accident on 635! Jeff has NFL Draft thoughts! Will the Cowboys take a player named Kool-Aid? Non-competes are now BANNED in the United States! 

042424 230 Julie's Sport Desk

 Didja catch the Mavs game last night? That was fun!! The Dallas Stars play Game 2 tonight!