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I Was Struck By Lightning

Steve-O's New Boobs

Jackass legend Steve-O joins the show to show off his insane new tattoo and talk about a very special show he's working on right now. He's shirtless on his tour bus and he's chatting it up with Shawn, Sabrina and C-Lane about all the strange things happening in his life right now. Was it easier to get famous before YouTube? Is he going to get a boob job? We learn a lot about a very interesting and unique talent in this great interview.

The Greatest Scam Ever

Joey Rosati answered a phone call while shopping at Costco and quickly got wrapped up in one of the most involved phone scams of all time. The best way to avoid being scammed for 10's of thousands of dollars is to learn from other people's mistakes. Joey is tech savvy and skeptical yet he was moments away from sending $10,000 to a man who claimed to the the Sheriff.

Lab-Grown Meat Laws

Delian Asparouhov calls himself the 'world's first space drugs and arms dealer' and we're here to find out why. We talk about lab grown meat, drugs in space, crazy new tech projects and a prank he pulled at MIT that ended in his arrest.

I Had A Face Transplant

Joe DiMeo was just a teenager when he crashed his Dodge Challenger in New Jersey. He woke up four months later and underwent dozens of surgeries including a face transplant and two hand transplants. What is it like to look in the mirror and see yourself in a brand new face? What are the things he struggles with after the procedure? We ask all the questions you've been dying to ask to a man who stays optimistic despite all the trauma he's been through.

I Am Jesus Christ

Andre Pitre is Jesus Christ, or at least sometimes he is. What is it like to be Jesus Christ at Holyland for Easter? Do people often confuse you for the real thing? How much does Jesus make to be crucified over and over and over? Today we answer all of these questions and more!

The Squatter Hunters

Flash Shelton is a man who hunts squatters. When the police can't do anything and politicians have their hands tied, Flash uses his mind and weapons to get squatters out of homes. Find out how he squats the squatters and what kind of weapons he brings along for the ride. Also, what drove Flash Shelton to start the Squatter Hunters in the first place?

Off To The Moon

Jonathan McDowell is an astrophysicist and astronomer for Harvard and we finally get to ask someone of his caliber all of the big space questions we've been saving up. Why are we headed back to the moon? What does failure mean? And is Shawn right about Space photos?

Squid Game: The Challenge

Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge is a huge hit that has divided audiences. Were the players tortured and treated poorly? Is it wrong to put them through these games only for them to lose the money? Roger Van Sluis was one of the 456 contestants vying for $4.5 million and he's joining us to spill all the behind-the-scenes secrets from the set of Squid Game: The Challenge.

Life In Antarctica

Erin Heard is a NSF Station Manager who is currently at McMurdo station in Antarctica. We talk about everything from daily life in Antartica, food, the jail situation and the type of research they are working on at McMurdo. One thing is for sure, the logistics it takes to run in entire city in the most remote location on the planet are absolutely fascinating.