Name a Roach after your ex for Valentine's Day!

How about celebrating this valentine's day by naming a cockroach after your ex?!

The San Antonio Zoo is more than happy to help you out, as this is their 3rd year of the "Cry me a cockroach" fundraiser. Not only are you getting over on an ex that wronged you, you're also contributing funds to help the animals at the Zoo live a fulfilling life.

It gets even better, if your ex was EXTRA awful, you can upgrade and name them after a dead rodent, or even a vegetable. After your donation, you're able to watch the roach/rodent/vegetable get eaten by another animal.

New this year - you're able to send a personalized video message to your ex! (unfortunately, you need to keep it PG, but hey no one needs to be that petty, right?)

Get your revenge now by clicking here - and please, let me know what you choose!

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