Ghost encounters from your favorite Rock Artists

There are plenty of ghost stories out there, but have you heard the ones from your favorite Rock Artists? I gathered some up for you and they're all right here - from Alice Cooper to Ozzy Osbourne. ENJOY!

Back in 1983 Alice Cooper and Joe Perry from Aerosmith got together to write some new music. Cooper’s manager had set them up in an old farm house in New York. Cooper first noticed something was off when he was putting his clothes away, left the room and came back to find the drawer closed. Later that evening while they were eating dinner, they suddenly began to hear furniture in the basement moving around. Needless to say Cooper and Perry ran out of there as fast as they could, learning later that they were staying in the house that Amityville Horror was based on.

Corey Taylor from Slipknot has had MULTIPLE paranormal encounters, like seeing thermoses fly across the room and hearing footsteps in an empty room. But one of his earliest memories is from when he was younger - he and some kids were searching an old abandoned house dubbed the “cold house” in his neighborhood. They were standing on the first floor looking up at the staircase when a shadowy figure came rushing down at them. The kids all frantically ran out of the house, with Corey's leg getting caught and falling through some rotted wood on the front porch. Taylor STILL has a scar on his shin from that memory to this day.

While recording the Bedlam in Gotham album, the guys in Mars Volta decided to mess around with a ouija board for inspiration. They were recording at Hollywood's Ocean Way studios and began to see issues all over as soon as they attempted to start recording. They had to split ways with their drummer, their singer had to re-learn how to walk after foot surgery, and their engineer had a nervous breakdown and left. On top of that, the studio flooded and they started to lose saved audio files. Finally, Omar the guitarist grabbed the ouija board, broke it and buried it in an undisclosed location.

While recording Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, at Clearwell Castle in Wales, Ozzy and Tony Iommi were walking down the corridor when they saw a figure in a black coat. They didn’t know who it was, so decided to followed it. The figure turned into a room, yet when Ozzy and Tony got to the room, there was nothing there. This encounter scared them all so much that they had to drive home every night instead of staying there.

Black Sabbath's bassist Geezer Butler used to be really into satanism. So much so that his entire flat was painted black with upside down crosses. Ozzy had lent him a book he found on magic from the 16th century. Butler placed the book on a shelf without opening it, but that night, he saw a shadowy figure at the end of his bed with a horrible presence around it. He threw out the book and never messed with any of it again.

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