That '70s show is getting a spinoff!!

'That 70s Show' is getting a spinoff called 'That '90s Show'! Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of this new spinoff series, which WILL include original cast members Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp (Red and Kitty).

The series will be a multi-cam sitcom like the original, and takes place in 1995, where the daughter of Eric and Donna (Leia Forman) visits her grandparents for the summer and hangs out with the other kids in Point Place, WI.

Original writers Bonnie & Terry Turner are returning as writers and executive producers, so we can rest assured the spinoff is in good hands. Will there be any more cameos from the old crew?! One can only hope!

'That 90s Show' has no set release date just yet, but some are predicting June or July 2022.

Photo: Entertainment Tonight

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