Geezer Butler's Granddaughter Performed 'Iron Man' At Her Catholic School

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Black Sabbath cofounder, bassist and lyricist Geezer Butler's hit memoir Into the Void has been reissued on paperback a year since it first hit shelves.

In conversation with Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke, Geezer reflected on the enduring legacy of music, which has even penetrated the culture of his granddaughter's Catholic school — a reality that would have seemed impossible during Black Sabbath's prime.

"Yeah, they loved it. They absolutely loved it," Geezer recalls of the reception of the performance.

He admits, however, that he was wracked with nerves until his granddaughter took her bows and the audience reacted so favorably: "The crowd went nuts."

Check out the full conversation via the player above! Geezer discusses his love for the Beatles, early memories of bandmates Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi, the prophetic nature of so many of his Black Sabbath lyrics, his lifetime of vegan living and much more!

Get Geezer's book, Into the Void, here.

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