Texas Fisherman Captures Massive 'River Monster' In Viral TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

The "notoriously filthy" Trinity River in Dallas was given the nickname "River of Death" because of all the pollution and mass death of fish species, Chron reports.

One fisherman, however, tried his luck by fishing in the infamous river — and he documented the whole thing on TikTok to the tune of 1 million views. Alberto Flores successfully caught a massive alligator gar, or what he likes to call them, a "river monster."

In the 48-second video shared on TikTok this week, Flores is seen throwing two pieces of fresh cut carp bait into the river in hopes of catching a "monster alligator gar." After showing the process of reeling in the big fish, Flores shows his catch to the camera — and he's out of breath as he explains his triumph.

"Check it out guys," Flores said. "Alligator gar, (gonna) get a release on her. This girl put up a beautiful fight. Beautiful fish. I think she's ready to go back, so we're gonna get her back in the water."

Flores is then seen releasing the alligator gar, that was several feet long, back into the water.

Users in the comment section of the viral video shared their thoughts on Flores' catch:

"If you eat the fish in the Trinity River you grow extra arms," one user wrote.

"I thought you caught my ex for a sec," said another.

Another user asked if these fish are edible and Flores replied, "Yea but not out of this river," adding that there are size limits and bag limits in place.

Watch the video for yourself below:

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