Texas Is One Of The Sleepiest States In America

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Do you ever find yourself already planning out your nap for tomorrow because you're so tired?

BetTexas.com determined which states are the most tired going into 2023. The website states, "BetTexas.com utilized 3 combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 states from "most sleepy" to "most well-rested." We utilized WebMD’s ranking of 'Most Sleepy' based on surveys, the U.S. Census’ ranking of 'Longest Commutes,' and Business.org’s 'Most Work Hours.'"

According to the study, Texas is one of the sleepiest states in America. The state is the fifth-sleepiest state, coming in just behind Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Georgia.

So what makes Texas so sleepy? BetTexas blames it on the state's rapidly-growing population paired with long work commutes. The website explains:

"Of the 10 fastest growing cities in America in 2022, two came from Texas, in Austin and Dallas, with the Longhorn State being the only state with multiple metropolitan areas on the list. That rapid growth has forced many Texans to move out to the suburbs, increasing their commuting times and extending their work hours if they are unable to work from home. That’s why it’s no surprise that Texas residents had the 15th-longest commuting times of any state in the country, combined with the fourth-most working hours, as many are working longer hours to try to offset the time they spent on the state’s roadways getting to and from the office."

Check out the full study on BetTexas.com.

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