This Texas Spa Focuses On A Unique Kind Of Therapy

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One spa in North Texas is offering a unique form of therapy. CW 33 reported that Float Coppell specializes in float therapy, which more commonly known as floatation therapy and is a way to sooth anxiety and stress.

During the therapy session, you can float in a sensory deprivation tank filled with a solution of epsom salt and water. The salt will help you to float with ease and the water is heated to body temperature for comfort.

The end result of a floatation therapy session is complete relaxation. Float Coppell's website states, "Though flotation is an “effortless” therapy, the body and mind actually learn how to relax into the float with each session. Stress, tension and pain have formed over time and will take some time to experience the greatest relief—luckily, floating is a relaxing, fun, and effortless way to do so!"

"There's all types of different stimulation that we have [nowadays]. What [floatation therapy] does is shut all the stimulation off and allows you to focus back internally inside," Kyle Struebing, co-owner of Float Coppell, said. "You come in here. This is kind of forcing you to meditate. People come in and they just want to be left alone. You have all these people who are overworked, overstressed, and have to take care of families."

Learn more about the unique type of therapy on Float Coppell's website.

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