DFW Band Midnight Murder Show

Witches, Warlocks and things that go bump in the night make up DFW Band Midnight Murder Show. The four piece band are veterans of the DFW local scene playing in various bands throughout the years. Midnight Murder Show is an Industrial / Goth Rock band, current members are

Helz McFugly - Vocals

Rah Stitchez - Bass

Kevin "KreepShow 13 - Guitar

Dean Rezin - Drums

New member Craig Reeves - Guitar -from Scarry Cherry (Fun fact, Craig and I went to Coppell High School together)

Mel McFugly- Head Witch " Theatrics"

Catch Midnight Murder Show March 27th with Wednesday 13 at Amplified Live . Lead singer Helz said if you need more info on the band to ask THE POPE. Defiantly a must see band live! Bring your Ouija boards and Holy Water.

Follow them at these links https://www.facebook.com/GodHatesMMS


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