Job Opening: Director of Taco Relations....could you do it for 100K?

McCormick is looking for applicants to serve as their "Director of Taco Relations." No experience is necessary. It's part-time . . . and it's just a four-month gig overall. But the job pays $100,000.

The spice company McCormick needs part-time help with one of their products. And it's NOT a boring spice like celery salt, parsley flakes, or those annoyingly delicate bay leaves.

You'd be working with TACO SEASONING.

It's a limited time, four-month gig, where you'll serve as their "Director of Taco Relations." No prior experience is necessary, just be 21 and have a, quote, "deep love of tacos." (So basically, yes . . . YOU qualify.)

You'll need to work up to 20 hours per week from September through December, and you can do it remotely most of the time. But part of the job does involve some travel to their headquarters in Maryland and "other taco locations in the U.S."

The job itself involves keeping tabs on taco trends . . . developing content for social media . . . tasting and consulting on taco recipes . . . chatting with taco chefs across the country . . . and "providing other taco-related services."

And the best part is . . . the job pays $100,000. has the application details, and you will have to record a short video as part of it. The deadline is NEXT TUESDAY.

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