5% of Americans Don't Like Tacos!

It's National Taco Day, and a recent survey found only 5% of us DON'T like tacos. 95% of Americans like tacos, and 76% have them at least every few weeks. Here are six more stats from two different National Taco Day surveys . . .

1. According to one survey, our favorite taco filling is carne asada with 26% of the vote. Followed by barbacoa, 24% . . . chicken, 18% . . . carnitas, 7% . . . and veggies got 4% of the vote. But thesecondsurvey actually found chicken is #1.

2. 71% of us prefer tacos over burritos.

3. People in the western U.S. are more likely to prefer hard tacos over soft tacos.

4. The average hard taco fan eats 7.3 tacos a month . . . they're more likely to enjoy spicy food . . . more likely to be a dog person . . . and more likely to say they're an extrovert.

5. The average soft taco fan eats 6.9 tacos a month . . . is more likely to be a cat person . . . more likely to be a night owl . . . and more likely to be in a relationship.

6. What goes better with tacos . . . a beer or a margarita? Margarita was the top answer.

And here are a few Taco Day deals to check out: has a buy-one-get-one coupon. You can get two free tacos at Jack in the Box if you join their loyalty club. Long John Silver's has free fish and shrimp tacos. And has a fairly lame four-taco "Gift Box" deal for $5. 

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