Help Out an Adorable Puppy Dog and a Lady Who Needs Him!

Alex Armbruster suffers from a litany of mental disorders such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Clinical Depression, and PTSD.

As a college student, my finances are rather limited, and the cost of a service dog would strain my already limited finances even more. I know not everyone reading this will be able to donate, but any help towards my goal is appreciated. If you can donate even a little or share this link with family and friends, it would help me so much towards reaching my goal and getting the care that I need.

Dan O'Malley is currently training Drax to be her service dog.

I've already been paired with a lovely dog, a good boy named Drax, and I'm so excited to watch him complete his training, but as you can imagine, the training of a dog to be a service dog can be very costly. The dog has to have the right temperament, socialized well, capable of being in public spaces without being a distraction, and be well trained to do the tasks to help with my illnesses.

Please donate to Alex's GoFundMe account here: Help Alex Get a Service Dog!

Drax in the Eagle Studio
The most adorable Service Dog EVER!!!!

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