Survey of 2,000 People Finds Top Signs You're Officially an Adult

A new asked 2,000 people what age they finally felt like they were an adult. The average answer: 26 for men and 23 for women. 

It also asked people to name the top SIGNS you're an adult. Here are the top five:

  1. Having a budget.
  2. Buying a house.
  3. Doing your own taxes.
  4. Working on your credit score.
  5. Investing in a 401k.

The rest of the top ten are:

  • doing your own laundry
  • regular doctor visits
  • using a list at the grocery store
  • cooking dinner most nights
  • watching the news
  • changing your bed sheets regularly

They also looked at the top KIDS' FOODS we can't stop eating as adults: 

  • 61% of us have had pizza in the last month
  • 50% have had spaghetti
  • 40% have had a hot dog
  • 35% have had macaroni-and-cheese
  • 35% have had chicken nuggets

And the most "ADULT" foods you can have in your kitchen are:

  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • coffee
  • milk
  • meat
  • chicken
  • baking ingredients
  • fish
  • frozen food
  • oatmeal

From SWNS digitalhub - Study uncovers how each generation defines 'adulting' differently

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