Bachelorette Party Email Schedules Church and Bans Liquor and Sex

There's an email going viral right now that was posted in a Facebook wedding group last week. It's from a woman who a bride reluctantly invited to her Vegas bachelorette party. And the woman promptly emailed a list of RULES to all 18 people going:

1. No hard liquor. Quote, "I don't want to be tempted by these foul drinks . . . please stick to light beers and red wines." And no drugs, including people with Adderall prescriptions, quote, "As we will not be studying, there's no need."

2. No sex. Quote, "As none of us have committed ourselves to husbands yet, there's no need to have premarital sex . . . [and] please don't invite random men back to the suite. I don't want to be robbed.

3. Send her $50 each for groceries. So $900 total for groceries.

4. And finally, she scheduled a church trip for the Sunday morning they're in Vegas. Quote, "I think it'll be a nice way to cleanse us of our sins from that week."

After the post started going viral, it was quickly deleted. Here's a copy posted to Imgur:

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