Man Cancels Bachelor Party When Best Man Embezzles $10,000 Budget

28-year-old Ben Winchip from Swindon, England is getting married next month. For the past year, he and his friends have been planning a massive bachelor party in Las Vegas.

They all pitched in around $900 each, for a total of about $10,000, and handed it over to Ben's best man to handle everything.

It turns out the best man EMBEZZLED all of the cash and didn't plan anything. The cops just arrested him for fraud.

As for Ben, he says now he and his OTHER friends are going to be doing an exponentially less epic bachelor party - one night out at a bar in Newcastle, England.

Ben's mom also set up a GoFundMe and even though "cool bachelor party" isn't exactly the biggest hook to get people to donate, so far it's raised almost $2,000. 

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