Yet Another Useless Survey: Gross Things People Do

Over 250,000 people took an online poll to find out just how gross they are.. How many of these things have YOU done?

1. Have you ever picked your nose as an adult? 86% said yes. (They didn't ask how many people have eaten what they found up there.)

2. Do you ever pop your zits? 86% said they do.

3. Have you ever smelled an article of clothing to see if you could get away with wearing it again? 86% said yes.

4. Do you ever blow your nose, then inspect the tissue? 84% of us do it.

5. Are you ever too tired to brush your teeth before bed? 82% said yes.

6. Do you ever pee in the shower? 80% of us do. The other 20% are liars.

7. Have you ever eaten food that fell on the floor? 79% said they have.

8. Have you ever gone a month without changing your sheets? 68% have.

9. Do you ever not wash your hands after using the bathroom at home? 67% said yes.

10. Have you ever clogged a toilet? 67% said yes.

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