5 of the Worst Things People Have Seen at Restaurants

BuzzFeed recently asked their community to share the wildest things they had ever seen at a restaurant and it was completely gross.

Here's five of the weirdest:

“I was having lunch with a group of workmates in Phoenix. As I was eating, a giant cockroach crawled up the shoulder of the woman across from me! Horrifying!”

“While eating breakfast, I saw a guy at another table put ketchup on his fries, LICK the top of the bottle, and put it back on the table.”

“My family and I had gone out for some burgers and fries. When we got our food, there was pickles on my grandma’s burger, so she lifted the bun to take them off but was greeted by a DEAD FLY. We called a worker over and she said, ‘Oh no worries!’ She then proceeded to WIPE the fly off the burger and give it back to my grandma. We haven’t been back since.”

“There were small children at the table next to us who were SUCKING ON the top of the salt shaker. The parents did nothing, and the staff were oblivious.”

“While serving at a restaurant in downtown Chicago, I witnessed a man take off his date’s shoe, put her foot on the table, pour ketchup on her toes, and lick it off! This is a scene I will never forget.”

And finally, here's a bonus story:

“My first job was working at a restaurant as a hostess. One day I arrived for a shift and learned that at least half the cook staff, including a manager, had pink eye. I spent my entire shift spraying everything around me with Lysol. Every time customers came through the door, I wanted to tell them to turn around and leave. It drove me crazy to look at all the food going to tables just knowing it had been prepared by germy, pink eye hands. I put my two weeks notice in that day.”

Bon apetit, folks!

From BuzzFeed - People Told Us The Worst Thing They've Ever Witnessed At A Restaurant And OH BOY

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