NFL Postseason Pay in 2019

The NFL’s CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) stipulates that all players, from quarterbacks to centers, earn the same paycheck come playoff time. Paychecks become more valuable as teams advance deeper into the playoffs, culminating in an $118,000 share for players of the team that wins the Super Bowl.

The max pay any player can earn in this year’s playoffs is $230,000, for a member of a division-winning team that plays in all three preliminary rounds AND wins the Super Bowl.

Here's a full breakdown of the postseason pay structure for this season’s NFL playoffs:

Wild Card Round (Division Winners): $29,000

Wild Card Round (Other Teams): $27,000

Divisional Playoff Game: $29,000

Conference Championship Game: $54,000

Super Bowl (Winning Team): $118,000

Super Bowl (Losing Team): $59,000

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