Steph Curry Doesn't Believe We Went to the Moon

On a recent NBA podcast, Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry said he believes the moon landing was a hoax.

Curry, Vince Carter, Andre Iguodala, and Kent Bazemore, were talking about how scientists think they know what sounds dinosaurs made, and Bazemore said, "A bone don't tell you what the sound is."

Then, Curry says, "We ever been to the moon?" Pretty much everyone there said "nope" Then Curry added nervously, "They're gonna come get us. I don't think so, either."

NASA has offered to let Curry tour the evidence at the Johnson Space Center in Houston the next time the Warriors are in town to play the Rockets.

Listen to the podcast here: Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala on A.I. Stories, Vince and Dell, and Baze’s Golf Simulator | Winging It (Ep. 2)

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