Woman Admits She Secretly Fattened Up Her Bridesmaids Before Wedding

There's a woman in Australia named Penny.  And she just shared the story of what she did before her wedding to try to guarantee she'd look better than her bridesmaids... her older sister Maggie and her younger sister Charlie.

Penny says that in the month leading up to the wedding, she'd make them breakfast smoothies every day.  She SAID they were, quote, "slimming smoothies" so all three of them would look skinny at the wedding.

But she was secretly putting a triple serving of WEIGHT GAIN POWDER from a bodybuilding shop in her sisters' drinks... to plump them up so she'd look skinnier next to them in photos.

And her plan worked... they both gained enough weight that they had to have their dresses altered to fit.

So Penny says when she looks at her wedding photos now, quote, "I sometimes feel a twinge of guilt... but mostly I feel happy." 

From Whimn - 'I Secretly Fattened Up My Bridesmaids Before My Wedding'

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