NFL Arrests Are Down Significantly from 2006

Roger Goodell's policies have apparently had a significant impact on player conduct off the field.

12 years ago, NFL players were arrested or cited at least 71 times for various alleged crimes... including 10 incidents for the Cincinnati Bengals alone and 20 arrests of players for DUI.

But so far this year, there have only been 30 arrests and citations.  If the number stays in that vicinity, it'll be the second-lowest number since 2000.  The only year with less was 2016, when there were only 28.

DUI arrests are down to about nine per year since January 2015, compared to 15 per year from 2005-2014.  And domestic abuse arrests dropped from about seven per year from 2005-2014 to about five per year since 2015.

The NFL often points out that its player arrest rate historically has been lower than that of the general population for males between the ages of 20 and 39, even during its worst years for arrests.

Here's a running tally of all the naughty things players have done so far this year:


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