UFC229 Erupted into a huge brawl Nurmagemedov vs Connor McGreggors people

There was CHAOS after the main event of "UFC 229" Saturday night, and the guy who started it was the guy who won the fight!KHABIB NUMAGOMEDOV handed CONOR MCGREGOR a rare loss, when he got him to tap out to a rear naked choke.  

But instead of just enjoying the victory, Khabib went over to Conor's corner and started talking trash to his coaches.  Then he jumped the fence and started going at it with one of them. Meanwhile, a couple of Khabib's guys got into the Octagon and attacked Conor.  Not that any of this is surprising.  Conor took the pre-fight hype to 11 by making Islamophobic comments about Khabib and his team.  Their rivalry was also the reason Conor attacked that bus earlier this year, injuring several people inside.

 Khabib later said HIS attack was motivated by Conor and his people making inflammatory comments about his religion and his country, Russia.  He also said VLADIMIR PUTIN called him after the fight and said he was proud of him.UFC boss DANA WHITE says Khabib's purse is being withheld, but Conor will get his money.  He also said Conor has declined to press charges against the guys who jumped into the Octagon and attacked him.Dana also told TMZ that the Nevada Athletic Commission could hand out suspensions and fines to Khabib and his people . . . and they might even have trouble getting visas to stay in the U.S.

Warning: there may be adult language in these videos, DO NOT WATCH if you are easily offended by language

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