Jetts Isaiah Crowell Gets a 13K fine & Butt Wipes Sponsorship

 New York Jets running back ISAIAH CROWELL did a nasty touchdown celebration a couple of weeks ago in Cleveland, where he used to play.

He bent over . . . pretended to wipe his backside with the football . . . and then tossed it into the crowd.  He was immediately flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

It's unclear what he meant by it . . . if anything . . . I mean, it probably wasn't a deeply symbolic gesture.  But it turned out to be a sound business decision.

Apparently, he got a deal with a flushable wipes company called Dude Wipes . . . because he's been hyping them on social media

Hopefully, Dude Wipes pays well, because Isaiah was also fined $13,369 by the NFL . . . and despite his boasting, the Browns had the last laugh.  Later in the game, the Jets became the first team to be defeated by the Browns in 635 days.

the youtube trailers is actually pretty funny and features MARK CUBAN



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