BATMAN Shows off his "Bat Weiner" in new Adult DC comic

DC Comics has a new division called DC Black Label, for more "mature" stories.  Its first title is called "Batman: Damned", and it includes FULL FRONTAL NUDITY from Bruce Wayne.

The story, if you care, is that The Joker has been murdered, but Batman can't remember if he's the one who did it.  So the occult detective John Constantine tries to help him get his head on straight. n (uhhhhh, get his "head" on straight????  riggggghhhhhht. )


 Batman's in a bad place, which is apparently why there's a scene where he's just walking around BUCK NAKED.  And of course, you wanna see it.  Here's your NSFW link

Sadly, it sounds like only earlier versions of the comic showed off the goods.  If you buy it now, the Bat-Ween is CENSORED.


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