The Ten Most Common Driving Distractions

Holger G. Weiss, CEO of German Autolabs commissioned a new survey found 6% of Americans have engaged in a SEX ACT behind the wheel.  Either with someone in the passenger seat, or solo.

Obviously we're not getting busy in our car ALL the time though.  Here are the ten most-COMMON things that make us take our eyes off the road...

1.  Handing something to someone in the passenger seat.

2.  Singing along to the radio at the top of your lungs.

3.  Tossing something in the back seat.

4.  Handing something to someone in the back seat.  Kids are a big culprit there.

5.  Eating while driving.

6.  Answering a phone call.

7.  MAKING a phone call.

8.  Struggling to take off your coat or sweater.

9.  Checking your hair or make-up in the mirror.

10.  Checking your GPS.  

Somehow, texting was way down in 13th place and checking social media was 18th. 

From digitalhub - Motorists admit taking their eyes off the road - to use their phones and attempt sex acts

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