VEGAS is Betting on the Cleveland Browns to Win the Superbowl

According to ESPN, bettors at multiple sportsbooks have been backing the Browns to win the AFC North, the AFC title, and even the Super Bowl.

Which is amusing, because they've only won ONE GAME since 2015.  

The sportsbook manager at Caesars Palace says, quote, "There are more bets on the Browns to win AFC North than the other three teams combined.  "Only the Raiders and Steelers have more bets to win the AFC.  The public likes the Browns, and I'm not sure why."

At MGM, the Browns have attracted more bets to win the Super Bowl than the Atlanta Falcons, Kansas City Chiefs, and Jacksonville Jaguars, who were playoff teams last season.

SOME of the appeal is because of the long odds.  It's a "lottery ticket," like the Vegas Golden Knights in hockey last year.  And THEY almost pulled it off.MGM has the Browns at 60-to-1 to win the Super Bowl . . . which actually doesn't seem LONG ENOUGH.

Cleveland has overhauled its roster, adding quarterback Tyrod Taylor, wide receiver Jarvis Landry, and running back Carlos Hyde. They also drafted Baker Mayfield with the #1 overall pick.But are those guys REALLY enough to make the Browns . . . who are 1-34 since 2015 . . . Super Bowl champions?  One word:  No.  

 If YOU want to place a bet online, the action is more lucrative on Bovada.  The Browns are +7500 to win the Super Bowl, so a $100 bet has the potential to win $7,500.  Eight teams have longer odds

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