AMBER Heard Left a Revenge POOP in Johnny Depps Bed?

There's a rumor going around that after JOHNNY DEPP and AMBER HEARD got into a fight, Amber pooped on their bed to get back at him.  But Amber's rep says it was her dog, and it was just an accident.

We've heard before that they got into a huge fight after Johnny showed up late for Amber's 30th birthday party.  But now "sources" claim she POOPED IN THEIR BED to get back at him.

At the time, she blamed her Pomeranian Boo, but supposedly, a housekeeper said the wreckage was way too big to come from that little dog.

But Amber's rep . . . who probably never expected to deal with anything like this when she took the job . . . claims it WAS the dog, and it was an accident.

Quote, "Boo has some serious bowel control issues.  There was never a joke, it wasn't something done to be disrespectful.

"It was an innocent thing, it's what pets will do.  We don't have anything else to say.  Ms. Heard is moving on and we do not want to engage in this nonsense 

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