“NO TEXTING. NO SPEEDING. NO KETCHUP,”  posted to Twitter this past Saturday by editor of The Takeout and Windy City resident Kevin Pang, is 100-percent serious  

People in CHICAGO dont like ketchup on their hot dogs. and now the city is putting that message on their digital signs.

 Other Chicagoans with strong opinions about ketchup replied to the tweet with their vehement agreement and even a threat to Pang to “Keep it off your hotdog or you will be deported from Chicago immediately.”

a Chicago Tribune reporter   notice the uptick in  highway signs, and got in touch with IDOT. I the department was looking for snazzy ways to cut through the din and communicate important safety and traffic messages.

“If we can catch someone’s attention for just a second and let them know there are life-and-death consequences when they’re on the road, that’s what we want to do,”  

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