AMAZON'S latest move?  They want to be the exclusive providers of ROBOTIC DWARF TOSSING.  Yeah, bet you didn't see that one coming.

Amazon was just granted a new patent on Tuesday for a robotic arm that throws things into boxes.  And in a bunch of the example drawings they used, they showed the robot flinging a DWARF across a room into a box.

But the Little People of America organization is NOT happy about it.  Quote, "Any time that 'tossing' and 'dwarf' are put together, it's a real concern for us.  It really opens up the possibility of mocking and dehumanizing little people."Amazon says they're taking it out of context.  

They say they just used a dwarf FIGURINE as an example of a product that the robot arm could throw into a box.And they pointed out that their patent also mentions the robot throwing a rubber ducky and a mug.  But those are mentioned three times total.  The dwarf is mentioned 17 times.

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