Chris Reed is a reporter for the "San Diego Union-Tribune" newspaper.  And he had a column published on Wednesday with the headline, 

"America:  Dogs are parasites, not man's best friend."

Basically his argument comes from an article in "The Atlantic" in 1999, where a scientist laid out a case that dogs don't REALLY love us . . . they just figured out that if they make us THINK they do, we'll give them lots and lots of food.Well, after the article was published, the consensus online was . . . he's an idiot, that scientist is an idiot, anyone who believes them is an idiot, my dog loves me deeply and sincerely, and you can all go to hell.

The "Union-Tribune" tweet about this column has 4,800 replies, almost all of which are angry.And Trey Wingo from ESPN tweeted to Reed, quote, "Who hurt you?"

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