Some moron kids TOILET PAPERED a cop car in Utah, and the cops had a little fun poking back at whoever did it, while making a joke out of the whole think.  Here' are their positive reasons to TP  a cop car.

Here's what they said:  "The Salina City Police do not recommend this type of activity," the department wrote on its Facebook page. "Having said that, this activity has several positive effects.

1. "This has caused a few youngsters to get their face out of the screen, prevented them from eating tide pods, snorting condoms or Smarties.

2 "This also has many health benefits including a little cardio as you ran around toilet papering the Chief of Police's truck, breathing deeper than normal while laughing your guts out creating a lifelong memory with your friends.

3. "This also caused a few adults to get outside and exercise, breathing deeper than normal cleaning up the mess all while laughing their guts out reminiscing about their youth when they did the exact same thing with their friends."

The post had been shared nearly 72,000 by Monday.  

People applauded the police for not making a huge deal out of it.

"Awesome how yall are looking at this," one man wrote.

"Kids just getting out of the house (and) having fun. Nothing was damaged and got some people together also. Great (sense) of humor!!! Nice to see the old school way is still alive places !!! Didnt want to arrest kids get them involved in the system, rub them the wrong way towards police officers or give them a record!!"

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