CHARLES MANSON was laid to rest at a memorial service in Porterville, California on Saturday. 

And if you're morbidly curious . . . or if you just want some assurance that he's actually dead . . . you can see a picture of him in his coffin at TMZ....

His body was reportedly in such bad shape it needed heavy makeup and gloves to hide the deterioration.  Remember, Manson died four months ago, and has been on ice all this time, while a judge figured out who would get the body.

That "honor" went to Manson's alleged grandson Jason Freeman, who spoke at the service.  There were about 30 people there for some reason, including Afton Burton . . . the young woman who tried to marry Manson a few years ago.

After the service, Manson was cremated, and his ashes were spread in a creek bed.  But TMZ says it was a windy day, and they blew back on the mourners.

TMZ got the picture and details here

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