Some people are reporting that Amazon's Alexa is freaking them out by randomly laughing.  Sometimes she does it out of nowhere, and sometimes she does it when you ask her a question.  So it sounds like she's gone psycho.   So far Amazon hasn't given a great explanation of why it's happening, but they're changing Alexa's code so that it's harder to make her laugh by saying something that she misunderstands as a command to laugh.

As if that wasn't bizarre enough, Amazon also has a 'Laugh Box' skill, which lets users play different types of laughter, such as a 'baby laugh' or a 'sinister laugh.'

It's been reported on several occasions that Alexa-enabled devices can be triggered by ambient noises or sounds that go off in the same room, such as commercials. 

Last month, an Echo owner complained that a commercial had a man asking Alexa to order him some cat food. 

The command prompted his Echo to order him cat food, which he clearly didn't want.  

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