If you want backstage dirt on "The Bachelor", you'll find it in a new book called "Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure".

Some of the most interesting stuff has to do with what the women go through to get on the show.  Not surprisingly, it includes an STD test.  Also not surprisingly, women who test positive are immediately dismissed.

But would you like to know what the most common STD is that they find? 

It's HERPES.  And sometimes, the WOMEN don't even know they have it.

An executive producer says, quote, "Sometimes you'd be the first person to tell a contestant that they had herpes.  You'd be like, 'Uh, you should call your doctor.'"

They also ask the ladies a ton of bizarre questions, like "Do you have out-of-body experiences?" . . . "Do you think you can control things with your mind?" . . . "Have you ever wanted to kill someone?" . . .

"If you could have your dream job if they cut off one of your limbs, would you do it?" . . . and "Would you rather have a DDD bra cup or write a cover story for 'Vogue'?

When a woman makes the cut, she pretty much has forfeited her rights in order to get on the show.  The contract that contestants have to sign includes this clause:

"I understand, acknowledge and agree that producer may use or reveal personal information which may be embarrassing, unfavorable, shocking, humiliating, disparaging, and/or derogatory . . .

"May subject me to public ridicule and/or condemnation, and may portray me in a false light."

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