This just sickens me to think that an organization built for young girls was crushing their claims about sexual abuse from this pedofile Nassar...he's the gynast doctor accused of molesting almost 100 young girls. These are  little kids he molested, as  young as 6. If that were my daughter, it would be hard not to run this guy down with a truck.

When the victims spoke out, USA gymnastics tried to silence their claims. The legal issue below is a contract thing, but the bigger concern....WHY WAS USA GYMNASTICS PAYING HER OFF WITH A GAG SETTLEMENT TO PROTECT THIS GUY INSTEAD OF HAVING THIS PERVERT ARRESTED??????

The U.S. Olympic gymnastics team said it will not pursue any money or punish gymnast McKayla Maroney if she speaks publicly about alleged abuse from former team doctor Larry Nassar.

Maroney signed a nondisclosure agreement in 2016 agreeing to stay quiet about the abuse as part of a $1.25-million settlement with USA gymnastics. She filed a lawsuit last month claiming USA gymnastics tried to prevent her from publicly accusing Nassar of sexual abuse so that he could leave quietly. 

Maroney’s lawyer John Manly also confirmed non-disclosure agreements in cases of child sex abuse are not enforceable under California state law.

After news broke that Maroney was potentially facing a fine for speaking out about the alleged abuse, model Christy Teigen tweeted: "The entire principle of this should be fought - an NDA to stay quiet about this serial monster with over 140 accusers, but I would be absolutely honored to pay this fine for you, McKayla." Maroney responded to Teigen, saying she was "shocked by her generosity," and that her words were "worth the decision to speak up regardless of a fine." 

As we reported, 54-year-old Nassar began his four-day sentencing hearing Monday after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting at least 100 elite gymnasts. He is being sentenced on seven counts of sexual assault, and has already been sentenced to 60-years on child pornography charges.

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