DOLORES O'RIORDAN from the Irish rock band THE CRANBERRIES passed away suddenly yesterday.  She was only 46.  There's no cause of death yet.

Her body was found at a hotel in Westminster, England early in the morning, and she was pronounced dead at the scene.  Her publicist says she was in London for a recording session . . . but she didn't say anything beyond that.

For what it's worth, unnamed "friends" told TMZ that Dolores had been, quote, "dreadfully depressed" in recent weeks, and was also suffering from back pain.

  Back in 2014, she talked about how she suffered from, quote, "terrible self-loathing" . . . and admitted that she "tried to overdose" the previous year.

She said, quote, "It manifested itself in my behavior and the pathologies I began to develop in my early adult life, such as my eating disorder, depression, and eventually the breakdowns."  She'd also talked about how she was sexually abused for four years as a child.

But things seemed to be getting back on track.  Just last year, The Cranberries released "Something Else", an album with new versions of their previous hits, like "Linger", "Dreams", "Zombie", "When You're Gone", and "Ode to My Family".  It also had three new songs, including "Rupture", which is about depression. 


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