A woman from New Jersey named Kate McClure ran out of gas in the middle of the night last month in Philadelphia.  And a 34-year-old homeless guy named Johnny Bobbitt Jr. helped her out.

She didn't have any cash, so he walked to the nearest gas station, and used HIS last $20 to fill her tank up.  She went back later to repay him, but wanted to do more.

So she set up a GoFundMe page this month that went viral . . . and it's now up to about 400 GRAND.  (To donate, search for "Paying It Forward" on

It turns out Johnny is a former Marine from North Carolina who ended up on the streets after a series of, quote, "bad decisions and bad situations."  But now Kate is helping him make some GOOD decisions.

She got him a financial advisor to make sure he doesn't burn through all that money.  And they set up two trust funds for him.  He'll be able to draw a small monthly salary from one of them, and the other is a retirement account.

His plans are pretty modest so far.  He wants to buy some land with a small cabin someday.  But for now, he's just happy to be off the streets.  And he's going to buy the truck he's always wanted . . . a 1999 Ford Ranger. 

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