STP'S NEW SINGER JEFF GUTT- see what he can do here

Stone Temple Pilots are back with a new singer . . . his name is Jeff Gutt, and he used to be a contestant on "The X Factor".  They put out a new song called "Meadow", and they have an album on the way. 

Remember they had open auditions and after going through about 15,000 applicants, doing weeks of 7 song live auditions, they finally found JEFF GUTT. 

Dean DeLeo said he was a late applicant, 

 "He was one of the last guys we saw, in the last two days of auditions. And that was just over a year ago – September of 2016."

He said, "Jeff wasn't even part of the singer submissions. But Robert happened to be playing a gig with the Hollywood Vampires in Michigan and somebody came backstage after the show and approached him and said, 'You should check this guy out. He's a local guy.' 

CHECK OUT JEFF ON THIS NEW TRACK FROM STP......i think he sounds pretty great.

Then check out his XFACTOR performance, pretty impressive

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