How much it costs you to see your favorite artist can depend on your location . . . and sometimes the difference can be huge.

And they found that, on average, going to a concert in Los Angeles will cost you 75% more than attending the same concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  That isn't really fair . . . but it's also not all that surprising.

The study took into account venue fees, accommodation costs, purchasing power of the region, and public interest from city to city . . . but that last one seems to be the most important.

The demand in a city like L.A. to see someone like Katy Perry is probably going to be more intense than it is in Grand Rapids . . . and there are more people willing to shell out big money to go.

The average ticket price in L.A. is $127.57.

After Los Angeles, the rest of the Top Five are:  Las Vegas, Houston, San Diego, and Washington D.C.

The average price in Grand Rapids is $73.09, which is good for 47th. 

The next lowest cities are:  Buffalo, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Little Rock, Arkansas. 

By the map below, looks like DALLAS IS 10TH

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