An 18-year-old college student in Connecticut got expelled from school and then arrested after she bragged on Instagram that she had been putting her bodily fluids all over her roommate's stuff.  The roommate talked on Facebook about how she had been mysteriously sick for weeks before she moved out.  The roommate's name is Chennel Rowe, and the girl who harassed her is Brianna Brochu.  The police want to add hate crimes to Brianna's charges, because Chennel is black and Brianna called her "Jamaican Barbie" in her Instagram post. 

Rowe said she finally decided to move out two weeks ago "because I felt like I was unwanted in my own room," she said.

In the video, she also disclosed details of Brochu's social media posts that suggested her everyday habits, like eating, were being recorded and mocked.

After discovering the posts and reporting it to University of Hartford officials, she moved out, but claimed the school was "taking its time with the investigation" and not enough had been done.

"The fact that I'm black and my old roommate was white ... If the roles was switched, I want to know if it would be handled the same way," Rowe said in the video.

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