Skate Or Die Fest: The Skateboarding + Music Festival

Skate Or Die Fest Logo

Skate Or Die Fest is a single day, all-ages skateboarding + music + culture festival set at Gas Monkey Live in the heart of North Texas, on Sunday, October 22, 2017.

The ultimate experience for the angsty teenager in all of us, combining the excitement of skateboarding, 
with its deep connection to music, art, and culture.

Programming includes live music on two stages, skate competitions, pro skate demos, a puppy petting zoo, and live art installations, along with plenty of angst and nostalgia.

Great Music

Bowling For Soup - Frankie Cosmos - Surf Curse - The Greeting Committee - Summer SaltGuantanamo Baywatch - Okey Dokey - Fragile Rock - Hall Johnson - Not Half Bad - Pearl Earl - Loafers


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