There was a show in July where the promoters named it OZYFEST  and now OZZY OSBOURNE is suing because its a rip off of his long running concert festival OZZFEST.

The event is called OZY Fest -- short for OZY Fusion Fest -- which already happened  this past July and featured acts like Jason Derulo and Talib Kweli

According to the lawsuit, Ozzfest sent a cease and desist letter, warning that  the event, and its logo, were confusing music fans. OZY Fest claimed it wasn't a concert, and more of a "media-focused event" --  

 Ozzy's calling BS, especially because OZY Fest's own website describes it as an "all-day party that brings together incredible music." So, yeah ... just like Ozzy's incredibly popular and already established festival.

Ozzfest is suing to prevent the use of the name, and for profits from that July show.

WHAT DO  YOU THINK....IS THIS A RIP OFF?  The name is only 1 letter away from OZZFEST

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