Everybody's FAVORITE unemployed quarterback COLIN KAEPERNICK filed a grievance against the NFL yesterday . . . accusing the league of making a secret pact to keep him out.

NO NFL owner or team is obligated to sign him . . . and when he initially launched his National Anthem protest. But under the league's collective bargaining agreement, the owners are NOT allowed to band together to blackball a player.  So, you CAN not sign him . . . but you can't collude to keep him out.

 Whether agree or disagree,  39 quarterbacks have been signed since Colin became a free agent, and many of them are no-name guys they're just pulling out of the woodwork.

 NOW THAT AARON ROGERS IS OUT.....what are the odds that KAEPERNICK will get a call???

 Yea, thats what i thought.

But that said, it seems like it would be VERY difficult to prove that the owners are working together on this.  You'd need some kind of hard evidence.  It's far more likely that they all just decided on their own that he was not worth the distraction . . . the controversy . . . and potentially even driving a WEDGE into their fan-base. 

It's worth noting, that it was Colin's CHOICE to be a free agent.  And filing this grievance probably makes it even LESS likely that a team will sign him any time soon.


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