8 Cities That Could Get Amazon's New HQ

Amazon has announced plans to open a second North American headquarters in addition to its original headquarters in Seattle. The retailer promised 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in capital expenditures for the city that proves it has the best assets and incentives.

Aaaaaaaaaand the floodgates opened!

It seems as though every mayor in every city in America and their Moms has declared a bid to be Amazon’s next headquarters. Some have more promise than others.

Here's a list of cities with over a million people that have a chance of getting Amazon’s attention, based on a number of criteria, including tech talent, airport travel time, office prices, housing costs and population:

  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Toronto
  • Atlanta
  • Pittsburgh
  • Boston
  • San Jose
  • Washington DC

From CNN.com - 8 cities fit for Amazon's second headquarters

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