Man Dresses As Scary Clown to Scare Daughter: Gets Shot At by Neighbor

A 25-year-old guy named Vernon Barrett Junior from Boardman, Ohio was having trouble with his six-year-old daughter... he says she's been having behavior problems at school and at home. So, in a Father-Of-The-Year winning moment of brilliance, he decided to try to scare her straight on Saturday.

How? By dressing up as a SCARY CLOWN and chasing her down the street! GENIUIS!

But she had no idea it was him. So as she ran down the street screaming, she ran into a random neighbor's apartment and begged for help because a clown was chasing her.

That neighbor,Dion Santiago, had a few beers and HE was scared of the clown outside too... so he grabbed his GUN and fired a few shots at him. Fortunately they missed.

The cops eventually came and sorted everything out. Vernon was charged with child endangerment and inducing panic... and Dion was arrested for using weapons while intoxicated. They're both due in court soon

From - Boardman man wears clown mask to scare daughter, gunshot is fired

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