A 53-year-old Austin, Texas man was hospitalized with serious injuries after he was attacked by a pit bull he was trying to molest.According to neighbors, 

Rupert Harris a long time resident with documented mental problems, was seen luring a stray dog into his yard with bacon. When Harris finally got the dog into his backyard, he distracted the pit bull with bacon and began sodomizing the animal.   

The neighbor said “He gets this dog in his yard and, oh my God, I couldn’t believe what I was watching. While the dog was eating the bacon, Rupert dropped his drawers and tried togive it to the dog. That’s when it turned around and bit that man’s little d*ck clean off. Damn, I never heard a man scream like that. Looks like he got some sausage with the bacon. That’s when I called 911.”

Harris was immediately transported to University Medical Center in Austin where they attempted to reattach what remained of the man’s penis. According to medical reports, they could not reattach the part. Instead, they replaced it with a plastic catheter for urination. Harris remains at the hospital under mental evaluation.

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