Another Useless Survey: Most Hated NFL Teams

A new survey says that the Dallas Cowboys are the most hated team in the NFL, followed by the Patriots. But if you break it down into fans of each team, the hatred for the Patriots is more universal, because it's more evenly spread out among all the other teams' fan bases.

The Cowboys ended up in the least favorite column of 30.7% of respondents... while 26.2% were Patriot-haters. The Pats were followed by the Ravens, the Raiders, and the Steelers.

Then again, the Patriots and Cowboys ended up high on the FAVORITE list, too. The Green Bay Packers came in first with 23%. The Cowboys followed with 19.1%, and the Pats finished third at 16.4%. The Seahawks and the Steelers rounded out the Top 5.

Now, the Cowboys may be MORE disliked, but the Patriots are more UNIVERSALLY disliked.

Go Cowboys.

From - Who Hates The Patriots The Most?

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