Another Useless Survey: Weird Places People Have Sex

A new survey by One Pulse found the 16 most adventurous places people have had sex.

Many of them weren't even CLOSE to adventurous. They're places like "the backseat of a car" and "the kitchen."  Oooh, so WILD! Those people probably think re-arranging their sock drawers is an exciting weekend...

Anyway, here are the top seven TRULY adventurous places that several couples have gotten busy...


1.  Up a tree.

2.  Parents' kitchen table.

3.  Graveyard.

4.  A field full of cows.

5.  On a trampoline.

6.  On the bus.

7.  At an amusement park. 

From - 16 of the most adventurous places couples have had sex

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