Every Colonel Sanders Actor Ranked

When KFC introduced a new Colonel in 2015, people lost their minds! The reviews were mixed, but bashing the Colonel became en-vogue. KFC then decided to run with it and we've had nine other actors portray Sanders since then. Here they are ranked best to worst.

1. Darrell Hammond

2. Jim Gaffigan

3. Norm Macdonald - The role he was made for.

4. Billy Zane - His performance was solid gold.

5. Rob Riggle

6. George Hamilton - Extra crispy, baby!

7. Vincent Kartheiser

8. Dolph Ziggler - Wrestler. 'Nuff said.

9. CGI Colonel Sanders - This one is just creepy. Uncanny Valley anyone?

10. Rob Lowe - Who doesn't love Rob Lowe, right?

From PasteMagazine.com - Every KFC Colonel Sanders Actor, Ranked

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